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Good coffee. Good pricing.

Good Cause

How good is that!​


Ever wanted to buy coffee beans and support kid’s education?

eviG is a profit-for-purpose business that sells specialty coffee to help disadvantaged kids get an education. We supply to offices, cafes and to the general public.

We offer a choice of high-quality, award-winning coffee blends sourced from a highly respected Sydney coffee roasting business, with guaranteed supply and at competitive prices.

With the founders contributing their time pro bono, eviG is an ultra-low-cost operation where every dollar helps to give a leg-up to as many kids as possible.

We call the business “eviG”, which is the word “Give” written backwards, so: “Give… Back!”

We support kids anywhere in the world. We work with Australian registered charitable organisations to support projects helping children and young people in Australia and abroad to have and get the most out of their education so they can create a better future for themselves. 

Good coffee. Good pricing. Good cause… how good is that!

Start making a difference and Give… Back, simply by having great coffee 


project 1

Kibinge, Uganda: coffee farmers co-op

Roland in Uganda with coffee growers

eviG currently supports the children of coffee farmers in Kibinge, a poor rural region near Masaka in Uganda.

Roland and JA at Kimbinge Coffee Farmers

eviG also works closely with recognised charitable organisations from the Netherlands (Kinderen van Uganda) and the United Kingdom (The Uganda Foundation) who have an established local presence in this region.


How can you help?

You can become a supporter of this great cause simply by having great coffee.

Buy on-line, or contact us to explore the possibilities – we look forward to having a chat!

Roland & Liam




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